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Majos Cleaning And Painting wants to ensure that all of our potential clients receive the best overall value for their painting project. Even if you decide not to hire Orlando Painting for your painting needs we want to be sure you are aware of key criteria in selecting a reputable painter. With years of industry experience we have developed some key criteria that a consumer needs to take into account when selecting a residential or commercial painter. We hope this helps educate painting consumers on how to go about selecting a painting contractor.
Below we have outlined several key items and questions that should be addressed with any potential painter prior to receiving a project estimate. The criteria items and questions are as follows:

  • Insurance – One of the most important components of a painting project is whether or not the painter you hire has adequate insurance. Many painters do not carry insurance and in many cases if they do carry insurance it is not the correct type.
    • For example some painters only carry liability insurance but not commercial auto Insurance, auto insurance but not liability insurance etc. Be sure every painter you interview can supply you with a valid general liability insurance certificate, and proof of commercial auto Insurance.
    • Make sure that the insurance certificates will be emailed, mail or faxed directly to you from the insurance company. Never allow a painting contractor to email or fax you his or her insurance certificate as they may have altered the expiration dates, coverage amounts, etc. We have heard countless horror stories from individuals, HOA’s, and corporations who hired a painting contractor they believed to be insured. When they went to file a claim they find out the policy was expired.

The bottom line is hiring a painter with adequate insurance may cost you a little more upfront, however, could save time, money, and stress in the long run.

  • Project Estimates / Quotes – Each job has unique challenges. An experienced painter can provide you with an accurate project quote by estimating how long the project will take, what equipment will be required, how many coats of paint are needed, and how much and what type of paint will be best for your project. The quoting process is so important because if a painter is inexperienced they could easily provide an inaccurate estimate. Providing a wrong estimate could create a lot of problems for a project. If the painter placed an estimate which was too low he/she may find themselves unable to complete the project without going back to the customer and asking for more money and/or time. Additionally, the painter may not want to say anything to the client because they may seem as if they are inexperienced, thus they hurry through the job, provide a low quality service, and may substitute a lower quality paint than what was agreed upon in the quote.

    When you get a quote make sure the estimate includes all costs including paint and materials. Also have the painter provide detail about the scope of work (i.e. type of paint to be used, prep, painting, and clean-up processes), and number of coats to be applied to each surface. Finally, be sure that the quote/estimate is the final number (make clear that you will not pay any more money for the agreed upon work) and that the quality of the job is guaranteed.

    The project estimate should include the following details:
    • The total price of the job
    • The scope of work including everything being painted (i.e. wall, trim, doorways, base boards, etc.)
    • What brand and type of paint they are going to use
    • What is the paint warranty if any
    • How they will be applying the paint ( i.e. brush, spray, roll )
    • How are they going to prepare the work are for painting
    • The clean up process
    • Estimated length of job
    • Payment terms

  • Crew – When you hire a painter you should ask how many people are going to work with him. This determines a lot of variables that affect you. The more people in a crew equates to your painting project being completed in a quicker time frame than if a painter is working alone. Remember the bigger the crew the more painters will be entering and exiting your property. This may be a non issue for most commercial projects; however, residential customers may be uncomfortable with large quantities of people going in and out of their home. We do not foresee this as a problem. We say the more the merrier, however, it is something to consider when choosing a painter.
  • Customer Service – Customer service is a must for any business. If you put in a request to a painter for a quote they should respond in less than 48 hours if they want your business. Also if you have already hired a painter and have a question for them they should respond to you in 24 hours or less. There will always be exceptions, but the majority of vendors you hire should always be in contact with their paying customer. A quick response demonstrates the business is serious about customer service, creating trust between the client and vendor, and that the painter wants to make their client happy.

    If you have any additional questions and/or would like to receive a no-obligation painting quote you may reach our knowledgeable staff anytime.


The Majos Cleaning And Painting, LLC Team